Samsung leads global phone sales

Samsung continues to be the leading global phone seller according to the worldwide global phone sales stats by Gartner. Samsung contributed 94 million of the phone sales from the 400+ million smartphone sales in the last quarter. Nokia is somehow holding on to 2nd place while, Apple is not far behind from them. The reason for Samsung having such a large sale over the others is that they have a big stake in the smartphone market as well as the lower end phones. Nokia who are surviving with their feature and lower end phones will soon be overtaken by Apple. Even though Samsung is a clear leader, they will be worried that their YoY sales are dropping while, their major competitor Apple’s sales has grown significantly from last year. (Below infographic via


If you just consider smartphone sales, Nokia is (for obvious reasons) not be seen. Samsung and Apple are right up there, while Xiaomi is making significant strides in 3rd place. Something to note is that there is a lot of ‘other’ vendors making a large percentage of the sales, meaning the long tail is quite significant. This can be an opportunity for big players to further extend their dominance, or a chance for a smaller player to rise up among the giants. (Below image via




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