How to Avoid Annoying Redirects on Android Mobile Phones


Many of you may have wondered how you go to these spammy sites without your knowledge or concern. Many even get afraid of thinking that the mobile phone got a virus or a malware. But these are not viruses or malwares. Mobile browser redirects are something far more annoying than a viruses even though it may not do much harm. I have tried to avoid so many ways to get rid of these annoying redirects and I finally found my self a way to avoid them. This trick may too bug you for a while as you may have to manually add safe sites for exception list. Anyway I hope it will help to many people those who use mobile phone browser and Facebook everyday. If you have any suggestions and comments, please feel free to do so as I am a novice in this matter. 😀



Okay! Here is how I figured it out. As usual I searched in Google for solutions to avoid redirects. There were some articles saying to delete some folders and install some anti-virus guards. Believe me, I have 3 paid anti-virus guards installed on my mobile but none of them could overcome the problem. So there was this one site where it showed how to disable javascript on your browser. I applied it and checked and vola! It worked. 😀 Redirects stopped and no annoy at all. But there is a catch for this. Disabling javascripts will allow some web pages to misbehave. It will not show things as it should be. So if you want a particular web page to behave as usual you need to add that site address to the exception list.


Feels like more annoying? 😛 Anyway, give it a try. You may find it useful as it’s on your mobile and not in your PC or laptop. Here how it is done:

Android Mobile Phone:

  1. Open ‘Chrome’ browser.
  2. Go to ‘settings’.
  3. Go to ‘site settings’.
  4. Go to ‘Javascript’ and disable it.
  5. Add exception web site addresses for your ease by clicking ‘Add Sites’.

Facebook: (This applies only after disabling javascripts on Chrome)

  1. Open ‘Facebook’.
  2. Go to ‘App Settings’.
  3. Enable ‘Links open externally’.



By doing so you can open facebook links without a fuzz. If you experience that some of your favorite sites that didn’t bother you doesn’t work properly you can always add the main site address to the exception list. For example you can add for the exception list. You don’t need to add every single site addresses in it to operate accordingly. You can also add your main search address to this list too. I have put for my ease. I have currently applied this method to my android mobile phone. You can test it on your apple and windows phone and see whether it works. I tried to apply for a windows phone but I couldn’t find a way to disable Javascript. You can read more about advantages and disadvantages about javascripts from the link here : Hope you enjoyed my article. Please feel free to comment and share the experience.


Happy Reading !


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