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Google brings new Image search

This week Google rolled out a neat feature for its image search, making it more convenient and less time consuming on image searches. Earlier when you clicked on a  image from a Google image search it redirects you to a different page showing the picture while loading its source web page in the background.

With the new version its a lot more easier. Clicking on a search result image pops up a grey bar in the same page with a larger version of the image, its resolution, source webpage, and option to view the image only. Although these options existed in the earlier version it was another page load away. What more, with the new feature you can scroll through the image results using the arrow keys. For people who do a lot of image searches this is a small but valuable feature. Click here and try it out.

Google Image Search

Google “Good to Know” : Informative Trilingual website on how to keep you and your data safe online

It is a known fact that the recent advancement in the internet industry has allowed Sri Lankans to unleash their potential in many ways. The internet has helped us to stay connected with each other, grow our businesses, learn on new areas and much more. However the internet, just like other technologies is a doubled edged sword; we have its benefits but it can hurt us as well. Therefore it is vital that we are aware of its pitfalls and how to stay safe from them.

To create that awareness, Google together with ICTA and the ministry of child development & women’s affairs recently launched(29th Nov) an informative trilingual website “Good to Know” for Sri Lanka. This site aims to provide information to keep you as well as your data safe online.You can visit the site here. I guess the recent privacy concerns raised on Google is also a reason for this initiative.

The site provides information in four main categories

Stay safe online – Best practices on browsing and sharing your data online

Your data on the web – How the web collects information about you and and how it makes websites more useful to you

Your data on google – Understand the data google collects on you, and how they use it to give you better service

Manage your data – How to control what you share with other web sites and Google.

The site does have some useful information, and I recommend you dive in and check out the information which are good to know.