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Every week you see the new e-commerce sites popping up like daisies in Sri Lanka. These sites are either a daily deal site, like or the shopping mall type like . So it’s kind of refreshing to see an ecommerce site being launched outside these two types.
Enter, an e-commerce site for your taste buds. In a nutshell, you can order your food online at the ease of a click and get it delivered. Log in is a snap as it is through your Facebook account. No Facebook account? tough luck. Adding food and checking out is quite straight forward. Restaurants are categorized to suit your requirement. Currently there are only 4 restaurants connected live on, being Arabian Knights, Kaema Sutra, Nihonbashi, and Santore Bistro Italiano.
Their main competition would be which is a bit lacking on the visual part, but has a head start and integrated more than 100 restaurants. seems to have lot of potential, given that they get all the other key restaurants on board. How well they manage the delivery and the way they handle customer queries will be key success factors.
 So if you are planning on eating out this week, why not give  a try?
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Monument Valley – A unique mobile gaming experience

What makes a good game? Is it the graphics? the gameplay? or the storyline? Actually all that aside, it is how playing the game makes you feel, that really defines it. In that sense Monument Valley a puzzle game tops it off, as the experience playing the game is fantastic. Although there have been a bazillion games released on Android, I haven’t enjoyed a game this much since Royal Revolt.

Monument Valley Screens

In short Monument Valley, is puzzle based game where you have to direct Princess Ida through 10 beautiful levels of 3D mazes. Beautiful might be an understatement. The mazes are minimalist and gorgeous, together with the geometric illusions are a treat to the eye. I agree with the Designer Ken Wong, that the image of each level is beautiful enough to frame and hang it. Princess Ida is guided through the maze by touching the pathway. The path needs to be altered through the movement of ledges and columns to bring her to the end point. The animations and gameplay is smooth, but that is on a Quad core phone so can’t really comment on whether there will be performance issues on lower end phones. The lovely background music complements the graphics and together creates a wonderful experience. The puzzles are enjoyable, designed with imagination and creativity, but not that difficult. It would have been nice if the difficulty was notched up higher.

Monument Valley Screens

Monument Valley however disappoints with having only 10 levels. For one the game can be finished in a couple of hours. Secondly since the game costs around $4 dollars, 10 levels might seem a bit insufficient for that price. But looking at the number of downloads on iOS and Android it seems people don’t mind dishing out a bit extra for novel game.

Monument Valley brings out a unique experience that you should definitely try out if you are willing to pay $4. And hopefully we will see a sequel with a lot more levels released in 2015.

Download it on Android from the Play Store or on iOS from the Apple appstore