What you need to know about SLT ADSL broadband quota increase

At the beginning of the year, SLT gave their broadband users a new year gift with additional quota (both peak and off peak) for their broadband packages. However many users were saying that the increase in quota is only for the off peak hours. The problem stems down to the fact that even though SLT had peak and offpeak quotas in 2013, they were never applied. For example, the user who had a quota of 20GB peak and 5GB off peak, had the ability to use all 25GB at peak times. So effectively the total quota is the peak quota. Now with that context lets take a look at the below comparison of packages after the quota increase.

SLT ADSL broadband data packages

From the above table it is clear that the earlier total quota is now the peak quota while there is additional off peak quota. So practically yes it seems there is only an increase in the off-peak quota. However theoretically there is an increase in both quotas, just that the off-peak wasn’t applied earlier.

Bottom line is that SLT ADSL users can experience more quota in the off-peak hours. Being off-peak should not be too much of a problem as most users would schedule their downloads at that time. However it may not be too much use for corporate connections and internet cafes.

For more information on SLT ADSL broadband click here.

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  • I am using family package and now I am really fed up of it. Mostly internet connection is not there and once I got it frequently internet connection is getting interrupted. Cannot depend on SLT broadband in my area and whoever inquired, my only answer is not to go with SLT broadband. You can treat this as a complain as well because I have been complaining regularly. My phone no. is 0342253107 and my mobile is 0719313055.

    I am planning to get out of this damn connection and searching for a good one which could be trusted.

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