What does it cost to run a startup?

In this day and age, the advancement of communication and the internet have opened up a large number of  business opportunities for startups. You tend to hear the success stories of the startups with their break though product and then selling them for an insane amount of money to the big giants like Google, Amazon and Apple. In the backdrop of the successful startups are a lot of failed startups as well which for obvious reasons, we do not hear about. Even though there is a high rate of failure, the chance to make a life changing product as well as being able to work for yourself has made starting a startup still very tempting.

Of course there is the cost involved with putting up a startup, and the guys and have put up an infographic displaying what it would cost in various parts of the world. The value will be about $40,000 to $50,000 in Sri Lanka which is comparatively low. However since the market in Sri Lanka is low, it is advised to target a foreign market for your product. Infographic credits to


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  • My vote is for going to college. I didn’t have a chcioe.. my parents made me, but I didn’t have anything cool going on like you did at the time. I do now and as a result of the networking I did in college I have met some amazing people, entirely changed my track (I started off doing computer engineering), and now my startup is working off of money that my university invested in us with.I actually spent 11 semester (4.5 years, but some summer courses as well) in college not because I failed out (graduated with honors!) but because I changed my major a year into it and then I decided to take it a bit slow as I had so many other side projects going on. You can definitely be an entrepreneur in college!A lot of people get blindsighted by these rare stories of people not going to college and doing great things.. you can’t just assume that you’re one of those people (even if you are!). Go to college, take an interesting web-geared major if the universities you’re looking at offer them. Chances are a good bit of the curriculum will be fun and easy since you know so much about the space already. It was like that for me in a few of my classes when my blog started getting pretty big in college. My professors would ask me to comment on certain things or explain others in class, as a sort of expert haha.Don’t even think about the cost of college it’s absolutely nothing compared to what you will be making just a few years after college. My college education and related costs was somewhere near $160k but I’m not sweating it and neither should you.. you’ll be making bank soon enough my friend. Contrary to what you might think, college does *not* suck up all your time. I finished up at a top-ranked engineering school with honors and I wasn’t the type to live at the library or anything. I had enough time to blog several hours a day, play around with friends, play lots of ultimate frisbee, spend hours at the dining halls talking with friends, and so on. I actually miss college now. With 100+ people living on the same floor, it is ridiculously easy to get a ton of people out to do something. You will never have that chance again. I have to call up 15 people now to get at least 2 friends to join me for dinner and drinks. Such a pain in the ass!PS if it’s not too late, apply to Georgia Tech! We have fast Internets here.

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