Vaadin Sri Lanka (Colombo) Meetup

Colombo Vaadin Meetup was successfully held on last October 13th at the Foundation Institute premises. This was the first ever Vaadin Meetup organized in Sri Lanka, and this was sponsored and facilitated by MillenniumIT, which now is an emerging key player in the Vaadin arena.

Vaadin is a Java based open-source web-framework for rich applications. When compared with Java Script libraries, Vaadin provides the capability to have server-side architecture based applications. Hence, the majority of the logic is run in the servers while Ajax technology running on the browser ensures a rich and interactive user experience.
Even though Vaadin is an emerging web technology, MillenniumIT had already begun to use and improve it in large scale, for their front end applications. That was the major reason this company needs to improve the awareness about Vaadin within Sri Lankan tech enthusiasts.

This event was organized by Thusara Jayasinghe, the organizer of Vaadin Sri Lanka Group. The main speaker for the event was Vaadin Expert Mac Przepióra, where he gave an in-depth introduction to Vaadin framework. The it was followed by an video conference with another Vaadin Expert Leif Åstrand, who gave the technical insights and the advancements in Vaadin 8, the upcoming version. In this session, he has given a detailed description about the enhancements and optimizations to be released with Vaadin 8.

There were more than 60 tech enthusiasts representing around 6 Sri Lankan companies, which are currently using Vaadin in their technology stack. One such major company is MillenniumIT, which, as we all know, is a major technology provider for large number of Stock Exchanges around the world. Pulathisi Bandara, a Senior Software Architect in MillenniumIT Platform team, conducted a brief session explaining the usage of Vaadin in real time trading systems and the customization they did to optimize Vaadin. And also he has explained how they have integrated Vaadin into their existing C++ backend services, and the features implemented to handle a rapid flow of data.

After a successful and a fruitful evening, the meetup was adjourned with the plan of organizing the next meetup soon.



Vaadin Expert Mac Przepióra conducting the introductory session.


RTL : Thusara Jayasinghe (Chief Organizer of Vaadin Sri Lanka Group), Vaadin Expert Mac Przepióra, Pulathisi Bandara (Senior Software Architect in MillenniumIT Platform Team)


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