Twitter in Sri Lanka through the years

Twitter has always played a giant role in Sri Lanka’s social media scene. With only a handful of Sri Lankans a few years back, Twitter has now grown to tens of thousands of tweeps from all over the country tweeting their thoughts away.

At first were the geeks. Those who always try to keep up with the technology and test out new things. Along came the bloggers from both English and Sinhala blogospheres. It was a place for them to promote their content, meet fellow tweeps with common interests and discuss everything happening around.

Organizing committee of the first ever TweetupSL (Image source)

One of the earliest milestones of the Sri Lankan Twitter community was the first ever TweetupSL. A tweetup is in fact a gathering of tweeps. Friends you make in your twitter stream meeting in real life, face to face. The event took place in 2010 in Coco Veranda, one of the first Sri Lankan businesses to have a commendable presence on Twitter.

Some of the attendees at TweetupSL 2 (Image source)

Since then, two more TweetupSL happened in 2011 and 2012 respectively, each with far more success than the previous ones. The community has grown in leaps and bounds. More businesses joined Twitter and several big events were organized in the twittersphere. Mini tweetups, hashtag nights became a common occurrence. Not to forget all the lovers who first met on Twitter. 🙂

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