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ඔබගේ Android දුරකථනයත් Judy ගේ ගොදුරක්ද ?

පසුගිය දිනවල මුළු ලොවම භීතියෙන් සලිත කරන්නට සමත් වුන WannaCry Ransomware ප්‍රහාරය ක්‍රමයෙන් යටපත් වී යත්ම දැන් තවත් අවදානම් සහගත තත්වයක් උදා වී තිබෙනවා. මෙය Judy යන නාමයෙන් හදුන්වන අතර ඔබත් Android දුරකතනයක හිමිකරුවෙක් නම් ඔබගේ දුරකථනයත් දැනටත් එහි ගොදුරක් බවට පත්වීමට වැඩි ඉඩ ප්‍රස්ථාවක් තිබෙනවා. Read More

Jacqueline Fernandez Android Apps : Probably the first android app for a Sri Lankan actress

So I was browsing on the Google Play store, and came across a couple of Jacqueline Fernandez apps. They are simple apps with wallpapers of Jacqueline, most probably created using standard wallpaper app template. However these probably are the first apps which represents a Sri Lankan actress, and Miss Fernandez gets the honours most likely due to her Bollywood fame. Surely many more apps will follow including an official app for Jacqueline. So even though these two apps are not up to standard, if your a fan do check them out.

1) Jacqueline Fernandez HD– 20 wallpapers of mixed image quality. Options are available to set as wallpaper, share, save and Slideshow

2) Jacqueline HD Wallpaper -24 wallpapers of mixed image quality and some images stretched. Only option available is to set as wallpaper

Sun FM Android App review

In a nutshell: Listen to SUNFM on your android mobile over the internet

Category : Entertainment

The Good : User friendly interface,

The Bad: Does not auto restart after it stops due to low data speeds

Main Features: Listen to SUNFM online, Check radio schedules, request a song

SUN FM recently launched the first official radio station app for android. This app basically lets you listen to SUN FM over your data connection, mobile or WiFi. So you will require this app if your smartphone doesn’t have a radio or if you’re using a tab.

Sun FM App Screenshots

The app has one screen which has three buttons at the bottom for menu, play/pause and volume. The middle of the app is mostly static, only displays buffering when needed. It would have been nice to have an equalizer running in the middle of the app. On the menu you have a set of options, main ones are to minimize the player, request a song or browse the show times.

Since this app is using data you have to keep an eye on your data usage, as this will consume about 20-30MB per hour. On HSPA, I was able to listen to Sun FM continuously without any buffering. However when I switched to EDGE, the transmission got cut off due to the low data speeds. Also once it stopped it did not automatically restart the buffering until I provided a touch input.

This app is good starting point for Sun FM. Hopefully the future versions would add a bit more flare into the UI and optimize for low data rates.