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Must-have Apps for Music Lovers


We all know, some of us absolutely cannot go a day without listening to some good music. Having said that, we music lovers have so many needs. Be it finding good new music you like or searching for that song stuck in your head. If you want a quick solution for your musically demanding problems, here’re a few of the mobile applications that stand out from the rest that you could definitely use.

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Gangnam Style on course to be the most viewed YouTube video

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would be very much aware of the viral hit Gangnam Style by PSY. The Youtube phenomenon which was released in July 2012 have to date been viewed over 787 million times. At the rate is going it is only a matter of time till it dethrones the current most viewed video “Baby” by Justin Beiber which currently boasts 802 million views.(JB haters will love it!) Its quite amazing when you take into consideration that Gangnam style took only 4 months to achieve this number, compared to JB’s 2 years. Check out below the youtube stats related to his hit single.

Gangnam stats

Gangnam style has also become the most liked youtube video with over 5 million likes. PSY was a happy guy receiving the Guinness World record certificate stating that…

I’m honoured,this is the first certificate I’ve ever had… I didn’t get one at school

Well certificates aside, Gangnam style will rule youtube views by the end of the year and will in all likelihood be the 1st video to hit 1 billion youtube views. Take a look at it one more time below