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Hackers are hiding malware in subtitle files


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Checkpoint researchers revealed a new exploit which gives hackers the ability to fully control your computer using nothing but movie subtitle files. Attackers first craft malicious subtitle files, which are then downloaded by the victim. This enables the attackers to take full control of your computer without notifying the victim.

As of now, the attack is said to affect users of video players like VLC, PopcornTime, Kodi, and  If you are using one of the affected platforms, update the players to their latest version as soon as possible to stay safe. You can find the links to the latest updates of the affected platforms at the end of this article.

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Lanka Comic Con 2016

For the SECOND time in Sri Lanka, Lanka Comicon is being organized by the Geek Club of Sri Lanka and the Lanka Comic Con Trust, featuring cosplay; geek merchandise sellers; anime; comics; art; and more.

Lanka Comic Con was founded by members of the Geek Club of Sri Lanka. It is now managed by the Lanka Comic Con Trust, a nonprofit, for the benefit of Sri Lanka’s Geek Community.


  • Aman Ashraff
  • Kashan Bahar
  • Mohamed Fadil
  • Vishva Thilina Karunaratne Herath
  • Vasanth Kahandawela
  • Afdhal “Alright” Marikar
  • Naveed Rozais
  • Thilani Samarasinha
  • Navin Weeraratne