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GNU/Linux පාවිච්චි කරන්න බයයිද?


Operating System කිව්වම අපි ගොඩක් දෙනෙක්ගේ මුල්ම තෝරාගැනීම වෙන්නේ Microsoft වෙතින් එන Windows Operation Systems. ඒක Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 හෝ Windows 10 වෙන්න පුළුවන්. හැබැයි Original Windows OS එකක් මිලදීගන්න පුළුවන් වෙන්නේ අපේ සුළුතරයකටයි. ඊට හේතුව වෙන්නේ Windows 10 home version එකක් ඇමරිකානු ඩොලර් 119(රුපියල් 18,000ක්) වන අතර pro version එකක් ඇමරිකානු ඩොලර් 199ක්(රුපියල් 30,000ක්) පමණ වීමයි. Read More

Linux is coming to Windows Store!

-A less technical side of the Story

Microsoft and Open Source

Microsoft has made grounds in its decade-long crusade against FOSS. A company which once openly held the belief that the Open Source Software model is breaking the whole IT industry announced a Windows Subsystem for Linux. Since its inception, Microsoft has been extremely careful who gets to see the inside of their moneymaker – Windows. Nothing much has changed even at this point regarding the way they hold the source code for Windows, a sacred mystery. 


But the world changed faster than Windows could catch up. Cloud computing and many other infrastructures became the norm and since Linux dominated the cloud and a result dominated the whole internet, Microsoft knew Windows alone would not keep their company going.  It’s the cloud game that changes Microsoft’s view on Linux. It is said that one in three Azure Virtual Machines run Linux.  Eventually, Microsoft found its way into the world of Open Source Software, becoming a top contributor to the Linux Kernel.

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