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2014 with Millennium IT

Founded in 1996 by Tony Weerasinghe, MillenniumIT has established itself as one of the leading software companies in Sri Lanka. Starting off as a systems integrator, the company has specialised in delivering high performance capital market software solutions.

2014 was another great year for MillenniumIT, with several key projects going live, the initiation of new deployments and also bagging several esteemed awards in the industry. It is also great to see them giving back to society through various CSR projects, especially the housing project in the north. As we step into 2015, let’s take a look at the many achievements of MillenniumIT for 2014, through the below infographic.


What does it cost to run a startup?

In this day and age, the advancement of communication and the internet have opened up a large number of  business opportunities for startups. You tend to hear the success stories of the startups with their break though product and then selling them for an insane amount of money to the big giants like Google, Amazon and Apple. In the backdrop of the successful startups are a lot of failed startups as well which for obvious reasons, we do not hear about. Even though there is a high rate of failure, the chance to make a life changing product as well as being able to work for yourself has made starting a startup still very tempting.

Of course there is the cost involved with putting up a startup, and the guys and have put up an infographic displaying what it would cost in various parts of the world. The value will be about $40,000 to $50,000 in Sri Lanka which is comparatively low. However since the market in Sri Lanka is low, it is advised to target a foreign market for your product. Infographic credits to


What does it take to get a job at Google?

“How many golf balls can fit into a school bus?” is one of the many brain teasers that were famously asked at Google interviews. If by any chance you are aiming for an career at Google, the good news is that such riddles are not interview questions any more. The bad news is that there are various other narrow criteria that you need to fit into. Given below is a small infographic explaining on what it takes to get a job at Google. It might give you insights on what to look in an candidate if you are hiring for your software company. (Infographic credits :

What it takes to work at Google

Milestones of 25 years of the internet – Infographic

The Internet, as we know it has changed our lives in more ways than one. From simple communication, to how we consume media it has totally revolutionized the way of the world. With the internet turning 25 years this month, we thought of looking at the key milestones in its incredible journey. So take a look down the memory lane of the internet. Infographic credits to eibDigital.


Valentine’s day – Gift Guide

Valentine is here! And in the case you have a tech/geeky partner, a tech gadget may be the ideal valentine gift. Verizon has put up an useful infographic that will help you decide which gift to get for your valentine. So just take a look, and if you have the buck why not go for it and make that special someone’s day! After all valentines comes only once a year 😉 . (Infographic credits to Verizon Insider Guide)

Valentine infographic

Working from home. Is it the Future? – Infographic

The advancement of communication technologies, the internet and cloud based software has made working at home that much easier. In most of the western countries there is a growing trend of companies who allow their employees to work from home, but in Sri Lanka there are only a handful of such companies.

From the employees point of view, there would be less stress working from home and time saved on the commute. From the employers side, there would be a cost saving on utility usage. One should also note the ability to work from home will depend on the home environment. If the home environment is full of distractions, it might not be such a good idea. The below infographic details some of the advantages of working from home, the supporters and the detractors of the concept. Take a look! (Infographic credits to

Work from Home

2013 with WSO2 – Infographic

WSO2 founded by Dr Sanjeewa Weerawaran in 2005, has progressed in leaps and bounds in the past 8 years. Providing clients with an open source middleware platform, WSO2 has attracted some big clients such as eBay, and has won several awards as well.

2013 has been quite a year for WSO2, from providing services to Boeing and Deutsche Telekom, to extending its footprint to the mobile domain. As we have embarked on the new year, lets take a look at the impressive achievements of WSO2 in 2013 through the below infographic.

2013 with WSO2---infographic

Smartphone Battery Life Benchmark – Infographic


Year after year, smartphones continues to impress us with brand new features and their big displays. However one concern users have always had with smartphones is their battery life. You would be lucky getting enough juice to run an entire day. If you are concerned mainly on battery life, the below infographic would be useful for you.

Samsung Galaxy S4 has the highest talk time with 1051 minutes, while the Apple iPhone is on the low end with only 499 minutes. Even considering data the S4 performs the best with 405 minutes of internet usage. The tables are turned however on charging time with the iPhone taking the least time to charge with 141 minutes while the HTC One takes the longest to charge.

However there are phones such as the Motorolla Droid Maxx which is not feature below, which has far superior battery life. Also by sticking to good phone usage habits you would able to get the most battery life of your phone. (Infographic credits :

Smartphone Battery Life

15 Years of Google

Happy B’day Google!!! The tech giant, who has changed our way of living, and who will continue to change it, turned 15 last week. From search to Youtube to Gmail, Google has touched every part of our tech ecosytem. We got two infographics lined up on Google, one which shows the dominance of Google in 7 key markets. The second one displays some key facts and stats on Google and also its various apps such as Google analytics and Youtube. Enjoy the read below. (Infographic credits to Mashable and wishpond)

Google Domination

Google Stats and Facts

The iPhone evolution

With only a day to the unveiling of the next iphone, lets take a look at the past six models. From the very first iPhone which revolutionized the industry to the latest iPhone 5 which by many peoples view was a let down. From the below infographic you can get an idea on the screen size, processor, connectivity, camera and storage. Our favourite feature addition was the restina display with 326ppi from the iPhone 4 onwards. So what features do you want boosted in the next model? (infographic credits


UX 101 – Infographic

Since this week is buzzing with UX, we though of showcasing an infographic related to it. Did you know that 85% of UX problems can be solved through testing with 5 users? You can find more UX facts and stats in the below infographic in addition to Essentials of UX design, Benefits of UX, Key UX metrics and on calculating ROI on UX. Check it out below. (Infographic credits to homestead)

Also if you are interested in UX, you should check our article on UXColombo, and try to attend the next meetup!

UX infographic