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Smartphones that charge in 5 minutes could arrive next year


If we compare a smartphone that was released five years ago and a smartphone that was released two months ago, you will notice the differences from a glance. High-quality cameras, pixel rich displays, slim design and the list goes on. Among all these advances there is one feature that has hardly improved from five years ago to today, and that is the battery. If you take an average smartphone, it takes almost two hours for it to charge fully. (Except devices that support Dash Charging and Fast Charging Technologies)

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Smartphone Battery Life Benchmark – Infographic


Year after year, smartphones continues to impress us with brand new features and their big displays. However one concern users have always had with smartphones is their battery life. You would be lucky getting enough juice to run an entire day. If you are concerned mainly on battery life, the below infographic would be useful for you.

Samsung Galaxy S4 has the highest talk time with 1051 minutes, while the Apple iPhone is on the low end with only 499 minutes. Even considering data the S4 performs the best with 405 minutes of internet usage. The tables are turned however on charging time with the iPhone taking the least time to charge with 141 minutes while the HTC One takes the longest to charge.

However there are phones such as the Motorolla Droid Maxx which is not feature below, which has far superior battery life. Also by sticking to good phone usage habits you would able to get the most battery life of your phone. (Infographic credits :

Smartphone Battery Life