Nokia is back with Nokia 6

For most of us, the first mobile experience was a Nokia, as Nokia was dominating the mobile world for such a long period of time. Inability to adapt to the new technical changes in the market made their sales decrease while the sales of competitors sky-rocketed by a huge percentage. When Nokia was struggling in the market, Microsoft offered to help by entering into a partnership with Nokia. This joint venture lead to the change of the brand name of mobile phones from Nokia to Microsoft and the two companies together could made some profits but not as much as they expected. The rumors of the return of the Nokia were spread out but it was said that the company’s agreement with Microsoft prohibits it from selling Nokia-branded phones until 2016.

What made us talk about Nokia in the very beginning of 2017 is the Nokia 6, a Nokia-branded smartphone which was released a few weeks ago. The Nokia 6 is an Android phone making it the second Android phone under the brand name Nokia. What’s so special is that the Nokia 6 sold out all its initial stock in just a minute after being released. Now let’s look at this new phone.
First I must say that, though the brand name is Nokia it is not from the old Nokia manufacturer we used to know. This phone has been manufactured by a Finnish company called HMD Global which has got license to sell Nokia phones. Currently this phone has announced sales only in the Chinese market.

When looking at the phone itself, Nokia 6 has an aluminum 6000 series metal body. The design is nothing new but more similar to an ordinary smartphone in the market. Nokia 6 was released only in black color. Most of the Nokia fans were expecting this in white as well but they have confirmed that it will not.

The phone comes with a 5.5 inch full HD IPS display wrapped in 2.5D Gorilla Glass. This has a relatively high resolution of 1080×1920 pixels at a 403ppi. What we find so exciting in Nokia 6 is that it comes with a finger print scanner right inside the home button making it the first Nokia phone to have biometrics installed.

When talking about the cameras, the phone comes with a 16 MP rear camera and a front camera of 8 MP.

As I mentioned before, Nokia 6 is an Android phone. It runs the latest version of Android, which is Android Nougat. Also the company has announced that they will provide quick updates to their phones which is a plus point for the company.

When talking about the performance, Nokia 6 comes with a Snapdragon 430 CPU. Snapdragon 430 is considered to be an entry level CPU and also can be found in smartphones which are one third of the price of Nokia 6. Due to the CPU limitations, Nokia 6 cannot record 4K videos. The maximum video quality is limited to full HD. This can make Nokia fans disappointed a bit about the product but still other features of the phone are pretty much exciting.

Storage is another important factor to be considered about of a smartphone. Nokia 6 comes with an internal storage of 64 GB which is expandable. 3000 mAh battery will help you to stay awake more hours.

Nokia 6 is a mid-range smartphone exclusively targeted the Chinese market. The initial price is set to 1,699 Yuan which is approximately 37, 000 LKR.
This new phone has already got both positive and negative ideas in the market. Although it seems like Nokia fans have expected something better than this, they are indeed happy with the fact that Nokia again came up with their brand name. Hopefully, we can expect some innovative products from the long lost king of mobile phones in the near future.

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