GBG Colombo presents,YouTube Night – Decoding Viral Videos

The July GBG meetup(YouTube Night) was on a different theme at a different setting.. It was held at the  relaxing atmosphere of The Manchester pub

Shehan, CEO of Loops Social Media Solutions started things off and discussed on the value of Youtube as a marketing channel, and also on why videos go viral.

Here are some of the Key stats and points he discussed,

  • 31% of videos are music videos
  • Average duration of a video is 4 minutes and 12 seconds
  • There are 2 Billion Youtube views per day, Compare that with the approximage number of  2.5 billion TV sets
  • 1 Billion unique Youtube videos views per day
  • 1 out of 2 internet users use YouTube


Why would a video go viral?

  • It includes things that grab your attention
  • The thumbnail is eye catching
  • Great Keywords
  • Advertising of the Video
  • Promoted through Social Media Influencers
  • It includes cats and babies 🙂


Next off IFilm Sri Lanka showed one of their creations, Killer Kothu: The Lankan Zombie Apocalypse a collaboration with JehanR. If you haven’t already seen it, check it out below. Its Hilarious.

They managed the entire video with two days (which included the writing of the script). Impresssive!

They also showed a beautifully done video on Leopard Trails. Take a look at it below.

The event then spinned off to a fun tone as attendees teamed up to create some Youtube magic. Few guys got together to create a human YouTube. Next was the harlem shake. (Cant wait till the video is uploaded)Then there was the response video to Ex-Alien.

The official stuff ended there, and proceeded onto networking with some drinks.

Youtube Nights was a fun filled event, and hope such themed events will continue in the future. It was also a refreshing change to the standard tech meetups. Kudos to the organizing team!!

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  • I am surprised to see that you all enjoyed it. As an event organized by leading professionals in SL, I expected to get something out of it – helpful tips or insights by these experts. Instead, what we received was unprepared presentations and poor execution.

    It became clear as the event progressed that the organizing committee did not take it seriously and entered into the premise with the idea of just “winging” it. I can only speak for myself, but I honestly cannot think of anything that I learned while listening to the presentation.

    According to the emails and updates on the G+ page, the event was “aimed at all you YouTube fans and video enthusiasts who are curious to know, what makes a video go viral? and it was said that it will “be pretty useful for marketers who are into social media as well.”

    Were these objectives met? No.

    Yes, I do know that Indu said that it wasn’t going to be “Educational” when the event began but if it was initially just going to be a meetup to watch a few videos, network and have a few drinks, then why call it “YouTube Night – Decoding Viral Videos” or make statements about how the event can be helpful for people who are in the SM field (E.g. Are you a marketer or a business owner who’s curious about how to get videos viral? – From the G+ Page) when nothing of that sort was in the agenda?

    It was an utter disappointment.

  • Hey guys, thanks for the write up about GBG Colombo’s YouTube Night! We’re glad you enjoyed it as much as we did. We sure do hope to organize more events like this, among the more educational events such as the workshop – seminar types and inspiring events – where we invite interesting speakers to share their ideas to spark one’s intelligence and imagination.

    Keep in touch with us and don’t miss a single event, by subscribing to our G+ Page: See you at the next GBG Colombo event!

    Indulekha Nanayakkara
    Google Business Group Colombo

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