Fuchsia – The newest mobile Operating System by Google

Is your life stuck around either Android or iOS? Don’t you want a change?

Here, Google is going to provide you that incredible chance to encounter a new experience with Fuchsia. You may wonder what Fuchsia is. It’s the newest mobile OS implemented by Google. We don’t know yet for sure, but it might be a  replacement for Android down the line.

I’m pretty sure, as a tech enthusiastic, you will be curious about the technical aspects of Fuchsia.


This OS is built on top of a new kernel called “Magenta” which was developed by Google itself. Fuchsia also uses Google’s flutter SDK which allows cross-functional development (you can have one app which works on different mobile operating systems). Fuchsia is written using a  language called Dart; an application programming language which is easily scalable and deployable. Fuchsia is designed to work seamlessly on modern mobile phones, personal computers, and tablets with state of the art processors. It is also distributed as a free and open-source software under a mix BSD 3 clause, MIT, and Apache 2.0 software license.

Let’s have a look at Armadillo, the UI behind fuchsia.


Unlike in Android and iOS Fuchsia’s home screen is entirely different, there is user’s profile instead of app icons.


How app icons will appear.



Completely different placement to depict time and battery percentage compared to Android and iOS.

Still Fuchsia is on it’s developing stage, and you could see the repositories at where you can contribute as well. As you saw, Fuchsia has come up with so many strange features, and we will see how it affects to Fuchsia’s success in near future.



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