Free Anti Virus Guards. Which one is for you?

If you are wondering about having a good virus guard, well, here are some little details about freely available and most famous virus guards on the internet. If I didn’t mention about a virus guard that means either it is not that good or I haven’t had a chance to use it and experience it.

#1 Bitdefender


My personal favorite! Even though it is not very famous, you simply can’t proceed without talking about the best you can find, can you? This doesn’t have a cool appearance or whatsoever. However it literally does the job. Which is detecting threats. It protects your computer from the all kind of viruses and it automatically keeps the virus database up to date. Mostly it doesn’t interrupt you at all when detecting viruses but of course it gives you a small notification balloon. Simply it diverts the virus to a quarantine folder from where you can easily recover the file, if it is a false action or if it is an important file to you. Only con is that there is no internet security but guess what, if you are using Google Chrome as your default browser, it has a small add-on called; Bitdefender TrafficLight, which will give you an average protection when you browse. This one is super light, fast, and commercial free product.

#2 Avast


This one was my #1 before I got to know about Bitdefender. However unlike Bitdefender, it covers some extent in internet security in the free version. It has a nice, gadgetmatic, windows 8 like appearance. High download rate in and high popularity in this industry. So many options are available to change and customize its behavior. It has an option called “Sandbox”, where you can run an application in a secure environment so that it won’t harm your computer if it has a threat. According to VB100, latest comparative statistics ( / Oct-2013), when you compare Avast against Bitdefender, its proavitive and reactive detection levels are lower.

#3 Avira


This one is quite famous and has a competition in the free virus guard market with AVG. Avira could be pretty annoying if you are a person that should not to be interrupted while you are working. It always pop ups notifications, update details, and all sort of stuff using the system speakers. Detection wise, it’s nearly in Avast detection range.

#4 AVG


Name by itself says it all. Anti-Virus Guard or AVG is the most used virus guard of all time. It gives you enormous features even in the free application; automatically scanning removable devices, schedule scans, and much more. AVG can secure your browsing up to a certain extent. But these extra features can consume a lot of memory from your RAM and it may slow down your PC or laptop. Sometimes you may have difficulties in the uninstallation process too.


            I have used many virus guards personally and have experienced all most everything on the free market and some of the paid products. By in my experience, I advise you to consider following points when you are going to use a free virus guard.

If you are looking for a hustle free, smooth running, let him do the job type product, go for Bitdefender.

If your want some advance options that you need to take authority and take care of your own protection, you can use either Avast or Avira.

I personally don’t advise you to use AVG, unless or otherwise you know how to manage advance options that are available in AVG. This product can be quite useful if you know how to use it very well.

At last, final decision is yours. If this article somehow helped you to get an idea on famous free virus guards, that would be enough for me.

Wish you everyone a threatless PC! 😉

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