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With the connected nature of today’s lifestyle it is very common that you need to work with your laptop in at least two different networks(LANs) for a day. Upon changing the networks if it requires IP, DNS and Proxy changes, it is a great hassle. Most of the people find it annoying to do this task, this change is specially needed if you are changing form a static IP environment to dynamic IP environment and vise-versa.

For example you may have a WIFI network in your office where you have to configure a static network and DNS IPs and relevant Proxy IPs and port settings. Whereas at home you may have a WIFI network with dynamic network IPs (DHCP), automatic DNS settings and No proxy requirement. Thus in office you need to configure all relevant settings to use the laptop in office network, and when you come home and want to connect to the home WIFI network, you need to change settings again to DHCP.

Wanna know a simple way to switch between networks easily without installing any software?

This is by saving relevant network settings in a batch file (.bat) and running it in the relevant network to change the settings as needed.

In the following example, I will show how to switch between different WLANs

Download folder from below link and extract it into your C Drive (C:\IP Settings)

You will have following files

.bat files – staticip.bat and dhcp.bat

.reg files – ProxyEnable.reg and ProxyDisable.reg

You just have to run the .bat files according to the requirement

If you want to change your IP settings to a static environment with DNS and Proxy settings, you have to run the staticip.bat file.

Or if you want to change your IP settings to a DHCP environment with no DNS and no Proxy settings, you have to run the dhcp.bat file.

But before doing so, you need to change the parameters inside the files to your own settings

Thus to edit the files right click the relevant file and click edit, the file will open in notepad



Static.bat file has static IP settings for the WIFI network, network IP, subnet mask, default gateway, primary and secondary DNS. Further this enables the Proxy settings as well. This static.bat file call the ProxyEnable.reg file for this task



You need to edit these static .bat file and ProxyEnable.reg file with your relevant IP settings



dhcp.bat file changes WIFI connection settings to DHCP for both network IPs DNS. Further this disables Proxy settings as well. This dhcp.bat file call the ProxyDisable.reg file for this task



Download the files here. [wpdm_file id=1]


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