Dr Chris Nonis goes Viral

In a perfect example of the viral effect of social media, Dr Chris Nonis became a popular well respected public figure within a few days. Although the buzz on him is recent, his contribution to Sri Lanka has been present for several years. Dr Chris Nonis is currently the Sri Lankan High Commissioner for the UK.

The video responsible for all this is an interview between Dr Chris Nonis and a CNN reporter, where the lankan high commissioner defends Sri Lanka on the human rights issues. This video which is  titled ‘Sri Lanka lashes out at rights criticism’ can be viewed below.

Due to the calm, witty and professional way he answered the questions, the CNN reporter was clearly dumbfounded. The video soon was shared heavily on facebook with people who were amazed with the responses of Dr Chris Nonis. Currently the video has garnered a staggering 120,000+ views which is a high number for a Sri Lankan video.

The number of people following is page on facebook also grew with high numbers. At the time we viewed the page it had only a few hundred people following it. Now it has over 18,000 followers. You can view his facebook page here.

His popularity has even reached the meme space, with many memes being posted on the Sri Lankan Memes facebook page. Now Dr Chris Nonis has his own meme. Shown below is one such meme(Image credits Sri Lankan Memes). There are many more amussing memes, do check them out at Sri Lankan Memes.

Photo: He was actually "Gedara Yana Gaman" - jW #ChrisNonisFacts

For more information on Dr Chris Nonis, visit his official website

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