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Use Facebook responsibly – Campaign by DIMO

Facebook has become “the trend” in Sri Lankan social media, and there has been increasing number of complaints against irresponsible usage. SLCERT (Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team) says it has received around 1,100 internet related complaints so far this 2013 while a majority of them concern the Facebook. Mainly its our younger generation that’s being strongly attracted to Facebook as well as badly beaten. It’s a shame that a few young girls committed suicide over photographs that was published of them on Facebook!


(image source: )


(image source: )

There is something wide of the mark for such tragedies to happen. Our society has attracted to Facebook without considering its limits, its flaws. Privacy aspect is neglected all along! Coming from a very sensitive cultural background, public expressions on private matters can have a strong adverse effect on personal wellbeing.

DIMO Sri Lanka has taken a well-timed community service to educate the Facebook users to use Face book responsibly.

“Its is your duty to educate your loved ones and monitor them while on Social Media”

Visit DIMO Facebook page and to follow their campaign:

Few messages posted in their wall is included below.






TweetupSL 4 – An evening of tweeps and tweets

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for tweeps, when TweetupSL arrives. This year’s edition took place at the Mercantile Cricket Association grounds last Saturday with hundreds of tweeps gathering for the much anticipated occasion. This was the first time TweetupSL took place outdoors giving a relaxed atmosphere for everyone to mingle about.

Soon after registration everyone got in to their dialog sponsored T shirts with the various #OMG #FTW #Epic #WTF hash tags. The event commenced with cutting the cake and a very entertaining flash Mob. Check it out below.(Video credits to Aqeel Dave)

There were numerous games for tweeps from musical chairs to balloon dancing to noodle racing. A quiz on TweetupSL history was held by the Readme team with scrumptious gifts for the winners courtesy of Coco Veranda.

The TweetupSL awards took place towards the end, with 39 tweeps receiving awards according to the tallied votes on  The category winners for the awards are as follows.(drumroll)

Miss.Tweep of the year – @AyshMarQ

Mr.Tweep of the year – @dodan123

Twitterholic of the year – @GayanMW

Tech Tweep of the year – @gazly

Sportaholic  of the year – @takashiG

Twitter News Breaker  of the year – @rangaba

Instagramoholic of the year – @HalikAzeez

Most Helpful Tweep of the year – @AnfasJM

Most Controversial Tweep of the year – @NotJagath

Funniest Tweep  of the year – @Rathgamaya

Diplo Tweep of the year – @NisansaDds

Foodie Tweep of the year – @PhuckYou_

Hashtagoholic of the year – @nHiRanZ

Tweetup SL 4 Tweeps

During these various activities, tweeps were able to meetup with old buddies and also got to meet up their virtually acquired friends in real life.  ‘Cos in twitter its not just about keeping touch with your existing friends, its about making new connections with people who you can enjoy a conversation with. That’s what makes twitter qualitatively the number one social media in Sri Lanka.

Kudos to the organizing team for putting countless hours and immense effort into making TweetupSL 4, an event worth tweeting all week long.

Below are few moments captured at the event.









Twitter Stats – Infographic

With TweetupSL less than a week a way, we thought of sharing some insightful infographics on twitter. The twitter journeybegan in March 2006, and has come along way in the 7.5 years since its inceptions. Who would have thought that 140 characters would make such a difference.

Twitter has around 100 million active daily users who have contributed to a staggering 300 billion total tweets and 30 billion total tweet impressions. Take a look at the below infographic for more useful stats. (Infographic credits to brickfish).



Dr Chris Nonis goes Viral

In a perfect example of the viral effect of social media, Dr Chris Nonis became a popular well respected public figure within a few days. Although the buzz on him is recent, his contribution to Sri Lanka has been present for several years. Dr Chris Nonis is currently the Sri Lankan High Commissioner for the UK.

The video responsible for all this is an interview between Dr Chris Nonis and a CNN reporter, where the lankan high commissioner defends Sri Lanka on the human rights issues. This video which is  titled ‘Sri Lanka lashes out at rights criticism’ can be viewed below.

Due to the calm, witty and professional way he answered the questions, the CNN reporter was clearly dumbfounded. The video soon was shared heavily on facebook with people who were amazed with the responses of Dr Chris Nonis. Currently the video has garnered a staggering 120,000+ views which is a high number for a Sri Lankan video.

The number of people following is page on facebook also grew with high numbers. At the time we viewed the page it had only a few hundred people following it. Now it has over 18,000 followers. You can view his facebook page here.

His popularity has even reached the meme space, with many memes being posted on the Sri Lankan Memes facebook page. Now Dr Chris Nonis has his own meme. Shown below is one such meme(Image credits Sri Lankan Memes). There are many more amussing memes, do check them out at Sri Lankan Memes.

Photo: He was actually "Gedara Yana Gaman" - jW #ChrisNonisFacts

For more information on Dr Chris Nonis, visit his official website

#AskMR Twitter Q&A with the President

The second Q&A via the Presidents twitter account @PresRajapaksa was held yesterday evening (25th September) from New York. The first such twitter Q&A was held in June, where questions were answered by Pres. Sec. Mr. Lalith Weerthunga. On this occasion the President answered the questions while Mr. Weeratunga moderated the session.

Questions were requested to be UN related, although they came from a various range of topics. During the Q&A session(which got delayed due to another meeting of the President)  around 20 questions were answered. However in contrast to the previous twitter session, the questions weren’t retweeted, which meant it was a bit difficult to find which question was actually answered. At the end of the session, the social media team acknowledged this mistake, and promised to improve future sessions.

If you by any chance missed the session you can take a look at the twitter stream below.

#AskMR Twitter Q&A with President Rajapaksa

Kandy Esela Perahara 2013 – Live on Youtube

Marking a major step for Youtube in Sri Lanka, the Kandy Esela Perahara would be broadcast LIVE on Youtube. The team (Gallezone) who brought the first public hangouts (Ripples of Music) is behind this initiative as well. The Perehera would be viewable live each day from the 11th to 20th August, 5.30pm onwards. You can view it at . It is fitting that this prestigious event is the first to be covered in this manner. The full schedule is as below.

Sri Dalada procession – Live Streaming Schedule
2013-08-11 | 5.30 PM – 1st Kumbal Perahara
2013-08-12 | 5.30 PM – 2nd Kumbal Perahara
2013-08-13 | 5.30 PM – 3rd Kumbal Perahara
2013-08-14 | 5.30 PM – 4th Kumbal Perahara
2013-08-15 | 5.30 PM – 5th Kumbal Perahara
2013-08-16 | 5.30 PM – 1st Randoli Perahara
2013-08-17 | 5.30 PM – 2nd Randoli Perahara
2013-08-18 | 5.30 PM – 3rd Randoli Perahara
2013-08-19 | 5.30 PM – 4th Randoli Perahara
2013-08-20 | 5.30 PM – 5th Randoli Perahara

Perehara on YoutubePerahara on Youtube

The Evolution of Social Media

As social media day was celebrated last week, we thought of showcasing a Social Media infographic. Unlike any other technology, social media saw an exponential growth in adoption and has become a key part of most of our daily lives. “Likes”, “Shares”, “Hashtags”, “tweets” have all become familiar jargon to us. The below infographic displays the rise of social media and key events related to it. Where will social media lead us to, in the future?…. only time will tell. (infographic credits :

Social Media Infographic

Twitter in Sri Lanka through the years

Twitter has always played a giant role in Sri Lanka’s social media scene. With only a handful of Sri Lankans a few years back, Twitter has now grown to tens of thousands of tweeps from all over the country tweeting their thoughts away.

At first were the geeks. Those who always try to keep up with the technology and test out new things. Along came the bloggers from both English and Sinhala blogospheres. It was a place for them to promote their content, meet fellow tweeps with common interests and discuss everything happening around.

Organizing committee of the first ever TweetupSL (Image source)

One of the earliest milestones of the Sri Lankan Twitter community was the first ever TweetupSL. A tweetup is in fact a gathering of tweeps. Friends you make in your twitter stream meeting in real life, face to face. The event took place in 2010 in Coco Veranda, one of the first Sri Lankan businesses to have a commendable presence on Twitter.

Some of the attendees at TweetupSL 2 (Image source)

Since then, two more TweetupSL happened in 2011 and 2012 respectively, each with far more success than the previous ones. The community has grown in leaps and bounds. More businesses joined Twitter and several big events were organized in the twittersphere. Mini tweetups, hashtag nights became a common occurrence. Not to forget all the lovers who first met on Twitter. 🙂

Today is Social Media Day – June 30th

What is World Social Media Day?

Of course, this is not a day that was founded by an international organization such as UN. In 2010, Mashable has announced that they are going to celebrate June 30th as the “Mashable Social Media Day”. World seems to be accepting the leading blog’s well timed initiative; In United States, eight cities and two states have officially declared June 30 as Social Media Day.


Here is what the originators say:

“We’re thrilled to celebrate Mashable’s fourth annual Social Media Day! We launched the event in 2010 as a way to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. We invite you to join fellow social media enthusiasts by hosting or attending a Social Media Day Meetup in your area.”

Whats Going to Happen Here in SL?

Around the Globe, about 1800 mashable communities are gathering locally to celebrate the significance of the social media to our lives. In Sri Lanka, there is an event scheduled at 4pm at the Park Street Mews

(50/1, Park Street, Colombo) by the Kolamba Mashable community. Etisalat is sponsoring the event this year as well.


Here is an extract from the Sri Lankan community’s plans on the 30th:


“This year, we are going to make it even better with a range of new activities and sessions added. The whole team of organizers is currently putting their brains together, to come up with an amazing line-up of activities. So, book your calendar for June 30th, from 4.00pm to 8.00pm and stay tuned to #SMDAYCMB and our event.


Meanwhile Dialog Axiata has set up the #GeeksofSteel event to celebrate social media day. #GeeksofSteel is a meetup of all Sri Lankan tweeps to watch a screening of Superman at Savoy. Dialog opened registrations for a time span of a minute, on several occasions last week, making eager participants awaiting the countdown for the registration window. This would be an ideal event for tweeps to catch up and also enjoy a good movie.

So what are your plans for Social Media day?

Twitter Q&A with the Secretary to the President

For those of you who missed it, the first Q&A via the Presidents twitter account was held on Wednesday. Even though the questions were answered through the official @PresRajapaksa account, it was actually the Secretary to the President, Mr Lalith Weeratunga who took up the questions.

The questions were submitted through the #AskLW hashtag in all three languages, and Mr. Weeratunga started right on schedule. Each question was retweeted and then answered, so that both questions and answers are visible in an orderly manner. Around 20 questions were answered in topics from political, to personal to paypal.

Even though there were questions unanswered (Understandably due to the busy schedule of Mr. Lalith Weeratunga), this is a good start to social media engagement from the government. And hopefully will be the first of many more such Q&As.  Also in a subsequent release, Mr Weeratunga has stated that more answers would be provided in the coming days via twitter.

You can check out the Q&A on twitter below. And to check on all the questions, just search for #Asklw.

Twitter feed Asklw

Gangnam Style: 1 Billion YouTube views!!

South Korean sensation PSY, created social media history on the 21st December when his hit single Gangnam Style became the first video to knock up 1 billion views on YouTube. Its truly astounding in the time he took to reach this milestone compared to other videos. The below graph shows the rise of Gangnam Style views against ‘Baby’ by Justin Beiber. At this rate, he will surely reach 1.5 billion views in 2013. It is really unlikely that anyone will be able to achieve this feat, atleast anytime soon.

Image courtesy of YouTube

Rewind YouTube 2012

YouTube has released a new video, Rewind YouTube 2012 which is a mashup of all the popular videos of 2012. The video runs to the music of the ever so popular ‘Gangnam Style’ and the catchy ‘Call me, maybe’. The most fascinating part of the video for us is that jehanr makes an appearance wearing the Sri Lankan cricket T-shirt.  However most of the other characters would be unknown to the general Sri Lankan. The video is quite entertaining, and do check it out below.