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Microsoft aims to make Artificial Intelligence mainstream


Microsoft went huge on Artificial Intelligence as they revealed the new AI integrated tools at Microsoft Build on Wednesday, the 10th of May.

The Technology Giant unveiled their vision, how AI driven tools can be incorporated into people’s day to day activities to make people’s lives smarter, efficient and improve wellbeing.

Microsoft research runs deep into areas of machine learning, speech recognition, image recognition and hand gesture recognition.

Microsoft executive vice president of artificial intelligence and research Harry Shum stated, “We are infusing AI into every product and service we offer. We’ve been creating the building blocks for the current wave of AI breakthroughs for more than two decades.”He also pointed out that now they are on the verge of using those research breakthroughs.

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Smartphones that charge in 5 minutes could arrive next year


If we compare a smartphone that was released five years ago and a smartphone that was released two months ago, you will notice the differences from a glance. High-quality cameras, pixel rich displays, slim design and the list goes on. Among all these advances there is one feature that has hardly improved from five years ago to today, and that is the battery. If you take an average smartphone, it takes almost two hours for it to charge fully. (Except devices that support Dash Charging and Fast Charging Technologies)

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Intel Core i9 – The latest beast to pump your PC!


The wait is over! Intel has come up with their newest and most powerful consumer processor “Intel Core i9” , mesmerizing the techies all over the world. Though the price is a bit high, they have added some lucrative features to this processor when compared with the previous ones in the Core X series.

This time the processor consist of 18-cores (in addition to 10,12,14,16 Core versions) and 36 threads which could be considered as a huge success in terms of performance. Could you even imagine what kind of things you can do if you have one? To put that into perspective, you could watch videos or play games in 4K while broadcasting them in HD with an Intel Core i9-7900X processor.

Summarized specs:

Processor Number i9-7900X
Threads 36
Cache 13.7 MB L3
Max memory size 128GB
Price $1,999 (18 core)

Now let’s quickly go through some advantages and disadvantages of the Core i9 processor as of now.


  • CPU can handle more tasks at once since the number of cores has increased.
  • 15% faster than the previous processors.
  • CPU can temporarily increase power for short bursts without overheating because of the Turbo Boost 3.0
  • TS13X, the newest cooling system which has been introduced by Intel keeps the chip’s temperature under control.


  • Cost is high compared with other processors in the Core X series.
  • At the moment this is not available for laptops or any other device apart from desktops.

As you can notice, keeping the cost and availability aside, having a Core i9 will get your work done quite easily even if you are a heavy user.

When compared with its competitors, Intel seems to have won yet again against AMD with the Intel Core i9 processor. AMD rolled out 16-core Threadripper CPU which was considered as the best processor for this year. However, Intel’s Core i9 processor beats the 16-core Threadripper and is also taking on the AMD’s new high-performance Ryzen chips.

Although it’s not officially revealed yet Intel is working on eighth generation “Coffee-lake ” Core i-series CPUs which is speculated to be 30 percent faster than seventh-generation processors.
And If you are low on budget, there’s a good news. The 10 core version of Core i9 processors is available for just $999 (about 160,000 LKR) for everyone who can’t afford an 18 core version. All in all, Intel Core i9 seems to be a promising

All in all, Intel Core i9 seems to be a promising high-end processor that is beyond the expectation of any user. It outperforms its competition and will soon be adopted by consumers around the globe with its X series processor line.


Android හි පියා හඳුන්වාදෙන අලුත්ම Smartphone එක


Andy Rubin කියන්නේ Android මෙහෙයුම් පද්ධතියේ පියා කිව්වොත් තමා නිවැරදි. ඉතින් මොහුගේ දැනුමෙන් නිපදවුණු Smartphone  එක ගැන තමා  අද කියන්න යන්නේ. ඉතින් මේ දුරකථනය කෙතරම් දුරට සාර්ථක වෙයිද කියන එකට හොඳ ඉඟියක් තමයි මේ දුරකථනය නිපදවන්නේ Android හි නිර්මාතෘ වීමත් එහි මුලික සංකල්ප හා අරමුණු වඩාත් හොඳින්ම දන්නා පුද්ගලයා ඔහු වීමත්ය.

මෙම Smartphone එක හඳුන්වන්නේ  Essential Phone යන නාමයෙන් .අපි අද මෙහි මුලික කරුණු පිළිබඳව හැඳින්වීමක් කිරීමටයි මෙම ලිපිය ලියන්නේ.

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Microsoft redesigned Skype again, that looks like Snapchat


Skype was a trend before a few years ago. People tend to use Skype to keep in touch with their relatives and friends. But Skype is been in a strange place for the past few years. Since the first release of Skype in 2003 Skype came a long way slowly transforming into different versions and different updates of functionalities. After the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft has been slowly transitioning from a peer-to-peer service to the cloud.

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ඔබගේ Android දුරකථනයත් Judy ගේ ගොදුරක්ද ?

පසුගිය දිනවල මුළු ලොවම භීතියෙන් සලිත කරන්නට සමත් වුන WannaCry Ransomware ප්‍රහාරය ක්‍රමයෙන් යටපත් වී යත්ම දැන් තවත් අවදානම් සහගත තත්වයක් උදා වී තිබෙනවා. මෙය Judy යන නාමයෙන් හදුන්වන අතර ඔබත් Android දුරකතනයක හිමිකරුවෙක් නම් ඔබගේ දුරකථනයත් දැනටත් එහි ගොදුරක් බවට පත්වීමට වැඩි ඉඩ ප්‍රස්ථාවක් තිබෙනවා. Read More

Call of Duty will be back with World War II


Call of Duty: WWII

Await the surprise which will be launched in November 2017 for all the Call of Duty fans. But, this year’s Call of Duty will go ‘back to its roots’.

Unlike the conventional space-based warfare, the latest COD is coming back with “World War II”. So, what can you look ahead in the latest game?

You’ll play the role as Ronald “Red” Daniels, a United States Army private. Red is a member of the US 1st Infantry Division. World War II’s well-known battles, including D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge, will be lead by Red in his tour of duty.

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Here’s everything Apple is rumoured to be launching in 2017


The California tech giant, Apple is regarded as the phenomenal technological breakthrough of the 21st century. It has become the dream of some people to own an Apple product. And setting high standards for what users expect, Apple has revealed many upgrades and new products annually. These innovations have been mind-blowing in the past and definitely will be promising in the future.

What does Apple have in store for you in 2017?

We are already 5 months into 2017 and there are many new upgrades yet to arrive. The new releases are secrets which have been mysteriously safeguarded by Apple. However, rumors have been spread. Here’s a glimpse about all the upcoming fascinations by Apple.

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Hackers are hiding malware in subtitle files


Cover Image

Checkpoint researchers revealed a new exploit which gives hackers the ability to fully control your computer using nothing but movie subtitle files. Attackers first craft malicious subtitle files, which are then downloaded by the victim. This enables the attackers to take full control of your computer without notifying the victim.

As of now, the attack is said to affect users of video players like VLC, PopcornTime, Kodi, and  If you are using one of the affected platforms, update the players to their latest version as soon as possible to stay safe. You can find the links to the latest updates of the affected platforms at the end of this article.

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Fuchsia – The newest mobile Operating System by Google


Is your life stuck around either Android or iOS? Don’t you want a change?

Here, Google is going to provide you that incredible chance to encounter a new experience with Fuchsia. You may wonder what Fuchsia is. It’s the newest mobile OS implemented by Google. We don’t know yet for sure, but it might be a  replacement for Android down the line.

I’m pretty sure, as a tech enthusiastic, you will be curious about the technical aspects of Fuchsia.


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Linux is coming to Windows Store!

-A less technical side of the Story

Microsoft and Open Source

Microsoft has made grounds in its decade-long crusade against FOSS. A company which once openly held the belief that the Open Source Software model is breaking the whole IT industry announced a Windows Subsystem for Linux. Since its inception, Microsoft has been extremely careful who gets to see the inside of their moneymaker – Windows. Nothing much has changed even at this point regarding the way they hold the source code for Windows, a sacred mystery. 


But the world changed faster than Windows could catch up. Cloud computing and many other infrastructures became the norm and since Linux dominated the cloud and a result dominated the whole internet, Microsoft knew Windows alone would not keep their company going.  It’s the cloud game that changes Microsoft’s view on Linux. It is said that one in three Azure Virtual Machines run Linux.  Eventually, Microsoft found its way into the world of Open Source Software, becoming a top contributor to the Linux Kernel.

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MP3 is dead!



MP3, the audio format that revolutionized the entertainment industry since the 90’s, is sadly no more. The developers of the MP3 format announced last week that they have officially terminated its licensing program which would mean the death of the MP3 format is now inevitable.

MP3 was very popular(still is) among the consumers in the last couple of decades and has been used in a variety of audio gadgets such as the iPod. The consumers embraced MP3 for its lightweight file size which made it very easy to be downloaded off the Internet, but now more sophisticated audio formats have come into play such as the AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) which was also partly formed by the MP3 creators.

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