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iOS 11 – With powerful new features to your iPhone and iPad


Recently, Apple introduced a major update to their mobile operating system to bring better user experience. This is the biggest software release ever for iPhone and iPad with so many powerful features. iOS 11 brings a better way to access your iPad with Apple pencil.  And It will provide unrivaled augmented reality experience to their users.

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MP3 is dead!



MP3, the audio format that revolutionized the entertainment industry since the 90’s, is sadly no more. The developers of the MP3 format announced last week that they have officially terminated its licensing program which would mean the death of the MP3 format is now inevitable.

MP3 was very popular(still is) among the consumers in the last couple of decades and has been used in a variety of audio gadgets such as the iPod. The consumers embraced MP3 for its lightweight file size which made it very easy to be downloaded off the Internet, but now more sophisticated audio formats have come into play such as the AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) which was also partly formed by the MP3 creators.

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Top 20 Brain Twisting movies

There are millions of movies out there under different genres. But there are some movies which we make our brain hurt after watching them, and most of such movies only can be understood just before a few minutes from the end. In some cases, you might need to re-watch it to understand what really happened. There is no defined genre for these type of movies, however these can be tagged as “Psychological Thriller” in most cases.

Here are the Top 20* brain twisting movies that you might need to watch.
(* These movies are selected from the preference of the author, and you are mostly welcome to suggest movies to the list.)

Note : The movies are ordered in the alphabetical order, and I haven’t added much description to some movies because I don’t want to spoil. And also I have added a rating (out of 5) under each movie, so you can decide which movie to watch first.

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