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How many of you have thought why this people want me to fill different kind of letters which are really difficult to read? Are they testing my English knowledge? Or else my eyesight? And how many of you have tried entering it several times and left the website due to this couple of words with distorted letters that are challenging to read? honestly I have done it some more years back.

Simply CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is used to identify whether user is a human or not.

What if I say that now you don’t need to worry about CAPTCHA anymore? Yes, you really don’t need it because of CAPY.

Here we go….. What’s CAPY? Another crappy solution which makes you to leave website trying after several times? Not really. CAPY is a patented and unique hassle free solution which can replace CAPTCHA. It’s all about security and design. This solution is available for both PC and smart device users. With a smart device, verification can be done with just a swipe of a finger.

CAPY offer four different kinds of CAPTCHAs

1. Puzzle CAPTCHA

Here user will be receiving an image with some empty space. The puzzle CAPTCHA peice will be displayed seperately and user need to drag and drop it in the white space correctly.


2. Free Style Puzzle CAPTCHA

The difference between Puzzle CAPTCHA and Free Style Puzzle CAPTCHA is, Free style Puzzle CAPTCHA allows the website developers to change the CAPTCHA background image and puzzle CAPTCHA piece as they want.



What if you think shapes and puzzles are not your thing? Here text CAPTCHA comes… All you need to do is enter the letters display inside the image in to the text box. You may think this is the same crappy CAPTCHA which exits now. May be you think it is very easy to track this. In fact if you are a human. But this puzzle CAPTCHA contains some complicated details, edges etc which prevents bots from tracking the code.


4. Text – No JavaScript CAPTCHA 

This is for the lovers of previous generation web browsers and smart devices which do not use JavaScript. This verification is based off of an image tag. Functionality of this CAPTCHA is same as Text CAPTCHA.


CAPY is available for major web development platforms including Word Press, PHP, Rudy and Python. All you need to do is register and login to CAPY and generate the JavaScript code from it. The generated code needs to be added to the webpage where you need to have the CAPTCHA.

Following Image shows how display and verification process happens using CAPY.


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