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Traffic Violations happening in Sri Lanka

“Nobody gives way to anybody. Everyone just angles, points, dives directly toward his destination, pretending it is an all-or-nothing gamble. People glare at one another and fight for maneuvering space. All parties are equally determined to get the right-of-way–insist on it. They swerve away at the last possible moment, giving scant inches to spare. The victor goes forwards, no time for a victory grin, already engaging in another contest of will. “ – Andrew Pham

Although the above is a quote describing the traffic in Vietnam, it isn’t far off in describing the traffic experience in Sri Lanka. The traffic rage and traffic violation in Sri Lanka is not the worst in the South Asia region, but it has always been bad. Lately, pretty bad. Traffic lights and traffic signals are not considered as rules, and are followed if convenient . Road lanes are ignored, right of way is ignored and form of courtesy is thrown out the window. These are confirmed by the fact that there have been over 35,000 reported accidents for 2014 with over 2000 fatalities in road accidents.

Now it seems the community has had enough. They are taking on the issue through social media in the form of the Sri Lankan Traffic Violations facebook page. In this page, people submit their daily experiences of traffic violations in Sri Lanka through photos and videos while highlighting the vehicle number as well. This would help in a couple of ways. One, the perpetrator may see his violation online, and would deter from repeating due to public shaming. Secondly other people on page would be extra careful not to do any traffic violations, as they have a sense of responsibility to be better drivers being a part of this community. In addition the page posts educational images on traffic rules and regulation.

The page already has over 11,000 people following it, and is steadily growing. We really hope that this would be a major force in future in curbing the traffic violations in Sri Lanka. This alone would be far from enough, and the police need to really step it up to keep all drivers on the road aligned to the rules. Kudos to the admins for starting and managing this page, and hoping it would have an everlasting impact on the Sri Lanka drivers.

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Long waited GTA V available on PC now

Now GTA V is available on pc from 2015 April 14 the onwards although xbox and playstation versions were available since 2013.Grand Theft Auto or GTA is not an unheard name if you are gamer. GTA does not need an introduction. But for people who want to know what GTA is, it is one of the most controversial new breed of computer game series developed by Rockstar games. GTA falls into the genre of 3rd person shooter, action adventure games and it is one of the rated,reviewed and one of the best selling titles of the past decade.

GTA originally started in 1997 with the name “Grand Theft Auto”, and since then there has been many version of it GTA V being the latest one . GTA is based on fictional characters in fictional cities. Vice city, Liberty City, San andreas are some of the popular cities among GTA fans and for most of them those city maps are more familiar than their real ones.

It is said that the open area in GTA V is much larger than any of the games in the series. Like in the previous games there are set of user controls attached with the game character and user can do pretty much everything with it. Unlike in Vice city or San Andreas user can play 3 characters in GTA V single mode named Michael de Santa, Trevor Phillips and Franklin Clinton and with them user can complete the intended missions or roam in the free world. Lot of new vehicles including vintage car models, airplanes,submarines are available with new set of cool features like playing your own mp3 collection while you are driving.

Can I play GTA V ?

One of the burning questions GTA die hard fans have right now is this.GTA V’s official system requirements as below. This will give you an quick idea about the requirements you should have. And also GEFORCE official site give you an indepth understanding about graphics required comparing it with different graphic cards and with various graphic qualities like shadow,texture,particle,water qualities.


Minimum requirements

OS: Windows Vista 64-Bit or later

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, AMD Phenom 9850, or newer

Memory: 4GB RAM or above

Graphics: GeForce 9800 GT 1GB or newer

DirectX: Version 10 or above

Recommended Specifications

Processor: Intel Core i5-3470 @ 3.2 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz

Memory: 8GB RAM or above

Graphics: GeForce GTX 660 or above


Where are the cheats ?

One interesting thing about GTA is the gameplay cheats. Although the pc version has been released under a month, worldwide GTA community has downloaded the game like crazy and already updated cheat lists are available for peer gamers. This is one of sites where they have an updated GTA V pc cheat lists.

Mobile platform considerations. iOs vs Android vs Windows mobile

Mobile phones are everywhere. Every nook and corner you can easily find a mobile phone, most probably a smart phone. There was a time that you worry about your phones appearance rather than its functionality and inner workings. Flippable, side kick, colored screen phones were most peoples choice back then. Now the things have changed. It matters what kind of phone you are using or on what kind of OS its running, what kinds of apps its supporting or does it has a good hardware spec. These are really important matters to consider whether you are a developer who wants to build mobile apps or a user who want to buy a good smart phone to use. This is  a really good overview of iOs,Android and Windows mobile that can be a good starting point to free from the “best mobile OS dilemma”. Inforgraphy credit goes to nerdgraph.


Dialog Book Cricket

The cricket season is on, and the cricket fever is catching up with Sri Lanka doing reasonably ok, in the group stages. It is in this time, that a lot of cricket related promotions are introduced. One such promotion that caught our eye, was the Book Cricket game introduced by Dialog.
Book cricket was quite popular in our school days, a method of playing cricket without a bat or ball. Turning the pages of the book, and the last number of the page depicts the score you got, while getting a 0 would mean your out. The Maths book was mostly used for this, owing to its large size.
This is now simulated on (works only from Dialog connections) , where you can try your skills(luck) on a game of book cricket. It might seem a bit monotonous, but trying to beat the high score, keeps you going. You might even win an IPhone 6.

Get ready for the inaugural UX Colombo Conference

There are numerous definitions for User Experience, but without going too deep, we can define it as the holistic experience for the customer who uses a product or a service. Now when designing & developing software products, providing a good user experience is often overlooked in Sri Lanka. However there is a growing interest in the UX field, which was ignited by the UXColombo meetups which started back in 2013. We are finally realizing the importance of good UX.

Now it is being taken a step further, as the first ever UX conference is going to be held this month, on the 19th of March. The conference would be taking place at the BMICH and will feature the following 8 sessions.

Keynote Speech by Linda Speldewinde – Founder/Managing Director of AOD International Design Campus & Sri Lanka Design Festival

Bare Basics of UX by Rasika Mahindasiri – UX Architect @ 99XTechnology

Visual Communication by Alain Parizeau- Programme Head of Visual Communication @ AOD International Design Campus

UX and the love for your e-commerce customer by Adnan Issadeen – Former head of production

Replacing sales people with great UX by Chandika Jayasundara – Co-Founder & CEO @ Cinergix/Creately

How design makes everything better by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne – Editor @

Shortcuts to Deliver Delight by Hasanga Abeyrathne – UX Architect @ 99xTechnology

UX in Enterprise by Hasitha Yaggahavita – Technology Manager @99xTechnology

This conference would be valuable for anyone in the software industry, especially for UX/UI engineers, business analysts and product managers. The investment would be Rs 4500 and for more information visit

Ideamart and EzCash wins at GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2015

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona, is the place where most of the new technology related to telco and mobile phones are unveiled. It is also the place where the best of telco applications and devices are recognized at the Global Mobile Awards.

The awards for 2015 was concluded a few hours ago and we are proud to announce that our local mobile operator Dialog Axiata was able to bag two awards. Dialog Ideamart, the developer platform won the award for Best Technology Enabler, while the mobile money offering EzCash won the NFC/Mobile Money Award. It is great to see Sri Lanka making a mark on the global stage beating competition from telco giants across the globe. Kudos to the teams involved with the products! Well Done!!!

The entire list of award winners can be viewed here.

Are you a mobile phone enthusiast?

Are you a fan of all the newly arriving mobile phones? Are you interested in cutting edge mobile trends? Does knowing about new mobile phones excite you? Then this article is surely for you.

Imagine you want to search the spec of the newest member of Lumia series or Samsung new mobile or new iPhone. Like all the other phone enthusiasts in the world your first choice would be gsmareana. Sure, this site is a great place to explore your phone craze. But when you want to get the local market price of that phone, gsmarena can’t offer you much help with that. Well that is why can be the best news that a Sri Lankan phone enthusiasts can hear.

So what’s up with Ideabeam can offer you the newest phone models that are available in Sri Lanka along with their local market prices. Its filled with leading mobile brands like Apple,BlackBerry,E-tel,Google,HTC,Huawei,LG,Nokia,Samsung,Sony,Microsoft that are widely available in the world market. Not only that, Ideabeam can show you the leading mobile  phone stores in Sri Lanka and their respective products as well. And when you want to find a mobile phones price it can show you a comparative analysis of the shops where you can buy it along with the price comparison which is surely a very handy tool for you. Not only for mobile phones,  these rich features are also available for tablets also. Pretty cool right?

What makes Ideabeam more cooler is that it’s not just a mobile phone. If you want to buy a vehicle you can even compare vehicle leasing rates in Sri Lanka via Ideabeam and make the right choice because these comparisons are pretty much descriptive. If you want to checkout housing loans or try out a pension scheme, Ideabeam can guide you to the right path. It doesn’t stop here. You can also fine new employment opportunities available via which has wide variety of jobs listed. And is also a good place to find newly arrived books with the shops they are sold and prices without setting foot away from your home.

Ideabeam is a place where you should definitely checkout.

3 websites you should follow post election

Since 1982 there have been 7 presidential elections in the Sri Lankan history and the 2015 presidential election was undoubtedly one of the more tense and eventful election of all times. This time introducing a new tech trend, a lot of new campaign mediums such as online ads, Facebook, twitter, YouTube were used in the election arena alongside with old campaign mediums like newspaper ads, TV ads and posters. With Honorable Excellency Maithripala Sirisena being elected as the president, the spotlight is on him and his activities, to see if he delivers his promises. Given below are three important websites that are recommended for you to follow and to keep track of the political scene during the next few months.

President Maithripala Sirisena introduced a promise of a 100 day program when he came to power. Have you wondered of the current status of the program? This is a simple site to keep track of the promises made by the President Maithripala Sirisena. In a very minimalistic fashion it shows the completed tasks, pending tasks and delayed tasks with notes and related dates until 23rd of April. Now you don’t have to watch the everyday evening news to keep track of the 100 day program.

It was good to see Indi Samarajiva active on his blog, and to read his views running up to the election and post election. He provides good analysis through his blog posts and seems to give an unbiased view. He is also keeping a tab on the 100 day plan through his post Maithripala`s 100 days in a user-friendly and time lined fashion. Not to mention you can catch other interesting articles on his blog too.


And of course, the official website of the President. This websites is full with the latest news regarding the president, publications such as the 100 day plan and the latest postings on his social media networks. You can also find a full bio of the President in Sinhala, English and Tamil languages and access his gallery and watch official footage online. Here you can find His Excellency’s official twitter page and YouTube channel where you will find more ways of staying up to date with the newest political actions happening in Sri Lanka.

SLT Ramps up the speed of their internet packages

SLT (Sri Lanka Telecom) is making a habit of changing their broadband packages on the New Year, as a gift. Last year they changed the quota of the packages. This year they increased the capped speed. Basically they doubled the speed of the 2 Mbps , 4 Mbps and 8 Mbps packages. It is good to see the broadband companies in Sri Lanka actively trying to keep up with the customer requirements. However it must be noted that the benefit of this change would be seen in mostly for the customers with the 2 Mbps package. This is due to the fact that for users on the other packages, who were not hitting their top speed, will not see a difference. A quota increase would have been more valuable for the customers, but nonetheless for those who see a speed increase, it would be a good start to the New Year.

2014 with Millennium IT

Founded in 1996 by Tony Weerasinghe, MillenniumIT has established itself as one of the leading software companies in Sri Lanka. Starting off as a systems integrator, the company has specialised in delivering high performance capital market software solutions.

2014 was another great year for MillenniumIT, with several key projects going live, the initiation of new deployments and also bagging several esteemed awards in the industry. It is also great to see them giving back to society through various CSR projects, especially the housing project in the north. As we step into 2015, let’s take a look at the many achievements of MillenniumIT for 2014, through the below infographic.


Samsung leads global phone sales

Samsung continues to be the leading global phone seller according to the worldwide global phone sales stats by Gartner. Samsung contributed 94 million of the phone sales from the 400+ million smartphone sales in the last quarter. Nokia is somehow holding on to 2nd place while, Apple is not far behind from them. The reason for Samsung having such a large sale over the others is that they have a big stake in the smartphone market as well as the lower end phones. Nokia who are surviving with their feature and lower end phones will soon be overtaken by Apple. Even though Samsung is a clear leader, they will be worried that their YoY sales are dropping while, their major competitor Apple’s sales has grown significantly from last year. (Below infographic via


If you just consider smartphone sales, Nokia is (for obvious reasons) not be seen. Samsung and Apple are right up there, while Xiaomi is making significant strides in 3rd place. Something to note is that there is a lot of ‘other’ vendors making a large percentage of the sales, meaning the long tail is quite significant. This can be an opportunity for big players to further extend their dominance, or a chance for a smaller player to rise up among the giants. (Below image via