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PureLankan – Sri Lankan eBook Store

Are you a bookworm? Do you travel so often?? Love to read Sri Lankan authors’ books but don’t like to carry them all wherever you go??? Well, guess what! Purelankan is the ultimate solution just for you.

Purelankan is an app that you can find eBooks by Sri Lankan authors for those who live far away from Sri Lanka or for those who like to keep the weight light when travel. Now you can quit searching for Sri Lankan books in physical stores abroad. Just download the ‘purelankan’ app to your iPad and start reading. Isn’t that smart and simple?

Purelankan was founded by Lahiru Wickramasinghe and his life partner Chathurani Abeyratne in 2014. Lahiru was an Anandian and did his higher studies in Electrical Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire and is currently working in Singapore. Chathurani Abeyratne completed her Masters from the University of Melbourne and Bachelors from the National University of Singapore.

Go and check out the website for more info:

These Two Apps will Makes your Mobile Phone Smarterrr!


Hi guys! Today I’m gonna introduce two apps from the same company called ‘FLYPERINC’ who makes productivity applications for Android. These apps will helps you to achieve faster and to do  responses more conveniently from your smartphone. Having that said, let’s get down to details shall we? 😀


Notifly will makes your default messenger and some other predefined apps to float. You may have gotten the similar experience from Facebook Messenger App, ‘chat heads’. We all loved it, didn’t we. What Notifly does is that display your default messages as a bubble like we have seen it on messenger chat heads. This will have the effect of screen overlay and you can do whatever work on background and you can simply click the bubble and read and reply without interrupting the background work. 😀 Isn’t that wonderful?

It’s partially customizable. Some apps haven’t integrated yet. Of course your favorite ‘Whatsapp’ is there. 😀 You can check the list of apps that works with Notifly from this link: Google PlayStore – Notifly.



What this app does is the same scenario to Browsers, when you clicked a link. When someone has sent you a link from an email or from a messenger, when you clicked that link will open your browser interrupting the current activity. But Flyperlink integrated to your phone, it will open separately as a bubble without interrupting the current activity. Isn’t that awesome too? If so, you can try them both and see how it treats you.



Well, these both apps aren’t perfect. There are things to be done to improve the quality of interaction with the app such as, Notifly needs the text size customization, Viber and other useful chat apps integration, and some other minor problems to be solved. But both apps has done a quite a good job by making it easier to access your messengers without even open it and goto links without leaving the current activity. Yeah, I love it so far and I hope you would too!

Links to both apps:



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Get Most Out from your Google Calendar App!


Google Calendar is one of the most productive app I have ever used. It may not for you, but with the knowledge of features it has, I’m sure you will use it more often in your day to day activities. In order to get most out of it the first thing you need to do is look at all the smart features it provides. Let’s take a look! 🙂



2This might sound too novice. Of course you can add events using your Google Calendar App. But there is more to that. You can add the location of your event and add people to the same event. Plus you can invite the same people if you wish to. Also you can control notification alerts according to your requirement. Additionally you can add related attachments from Google Drive too. This is helpful if you have a booking confirmation from a hotel or such like.


Yes! Now you can get local holidays with Google Calendar App. Never need to run for a physical calendar again. All you have to do is, Open the app >> Click on three stripes >> Go to Settings >> In ‘More’ section select ‘Holidays’ >> Add your preferred country. Ex: Sri Lanka. There you go! Now the device will sync with all local holidays including “Poya Days.”



If you wand religious Holidays such as: Christian, Jewish,

Muslim, and Orthodox, you can follow the process below.

Open the app >> Click on three stripes >> Go to Settings >> In ‘More’ section select ‘Holidays’ >> Add your preferred Religious Holidays.




If you are using Google Keep oftenly, you can set those Google Keep reminders attached to the Google Calendar too. This is a great way to keep up with your reminders. When you go through in your calendar you repeatedly get a chance to see all of your reminders.



You don’t need to miss your loved ones birthdays, do you. 😀 You can add birthdays to show on your Google Calendar. These birthdays will automatically sync from your G+ (only from circles) and from your contacts, or you can also manually add if you want. Note that the birthdays are not notified as other reminders or events. You need to have a widget on the home screen or open the app in order to see birthdays.


Google is developing everyday. Some of these features were not there when I first used Google Calendar App. In order to keep update with the app, you need to explore yourself. I hope you enjoyed my article. If so, share among your friends to let them know too.

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Block this ! Your protector for Android


Hey guys! Remember my article about AdGuard? AdGuard is a free app to block unwanted advertisements popping up on your mobile device browser. To stop all ads including inside other apps you need to buy the premium version. This is a similar app like AdGuard. So, what’s so special about it? This app stops ad banners even inside other apps for free. Isn’t that awesome? 😀 Let’s get on with it shall we?


Let’s look at some awesome features it provide us.

Block all ads.
Block all in-app and browser advertisements, including video and audio ads, popup ads, banners, tracking cookies.

Stop malware.
Block This takes care about your security with its antivirus features! We’ve included a large list of common malware distributors to keep you safe from viruses.

Extend data plan by 35%.
According to our average estimates, by blocking all of the ads on your Android phone, you can save up to 35% of your data plan.

No Censorship.
Bypass your internet provider censorship and access parts of the web that were previously inaccessible for you.


Block This! is available for all Android users. However, you may not find this on playstore same as AdGuard won’t. You have to download it separately and install as an apk.

Here is the link to the website:

Here is the link to the latest version:

Here is the link how to install:


Well I am enjoying having my Block This! on my Android smartphone. It gives me nice and smooth interaction with net surfing with a browser and even to enjoy apps which will demand to purchase pro versions to remove ads, freely without a fuzz with Block This! Give it a try, and you will love it!

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One AD blocker you must have


You must have used many Ad block programs to cease unnecessary advertisements when you browse through the internet. I personally used Adblock Chrome extension until I found Adguard! Adguard is not only for Chrome browser. It can use on FireFox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge browsers. You can also install it on your Android Smartphone, Apple iPhone, Windows PC, and Mac PC, as well. It is totally free to use with comprehensive services but you may need to buy premium paying yearly or for lifetime with a fair amount of cost which I believe very reasonable compared to what it offers. So let’s get started and get to know more about this handy software.