10 Bad Tech habits to break in 2013

1. Using your phone while driving – It maybe to take a call, even worse type or read a SMS but using your phone while driving is far worse than a bad habit, it is a deadly habit. Why take the risk? Pull over, take the call and then resume your journey. You can also use a Bluetooth headset which auto connects the calls.

2. Not putting your phone on silent – how many times has a sudden ringing phone completely distracted everyone during a meeting, a religious sermon, at the movie theatre or hospital. It only takes a couple of seconds, make sure you do it.

3. Having weak passwords – With the numerous online services used these days, we tend either to have the same password or simple passwords. Don’t wait till someone hacks into your account, use complex, different passwords for your critical accounts. For non vital services you can have one complex password. Or you can always try a password manager software such as Lastpass or Dashlane but make sure you dont forget the primary password.

4. Not backing up your data – Everyone has their precious data that they would hate losing. It could be your child’s photos, or your business financial data or even maybe your degree assignments. Even knowing the importance of the documents we still fail to backup to a portable or virtual drive. Take 10 minutes to backup your files to dropbox or google drive today. Dont wait till it’s too late

5. Using your laptop on the bed – When you keep the laptop on the bed, the air ventilators get blocked and will lead to the laptop overheating. This could be damaging to your laptop, even worse it could start a fire on your bed.

6. Getting hooked to too many TV series – There are so many interesting and addictive TV series, that you find it hard to choose which one to watch. However following too many of them will eat up a lot of your time. Better keep yourself limited to one or two TV series at the most. Also avoid watching multiple episodes at a stretch. Remember life is short, don’t waste it on loads of TV series.

7. Not properly shutting down your laptop Many a time when we are in a hurry we just snap the lid on the laptop and takeoff. Sometimes closing the lid will not result in your laptop going to Sleep mode. Moving around with an operational hard disk is obviously not good. Take a few seconds to manually initiate the sleep mode. Also remember to properly shutdown your PC from time to time as I am sure it would like to have a regular break.

8. Ignoring privacy settings – It is reported that 25% of facebook users still ignore the privacy setting. If you don’t lock your door intruders will come and steal your data. Keep your personal data private by properly configuring those privacy settings.

9. Using your phone/tablet at inappropriate times – we all know that we love to use the smartphone all the time, but there are instances when u flat out shouldn’t. You might be having meals with the family, having a meetup with friends, or on a date. In these instances please keep your phone aside, it is there to connect with people not to disconnect with them.

10. Keeping your tech gadgets unclean – In a recent study, researchers found over 500 types of bacteria on mobile phones, keyboards, mouse and desktops. Take a wet wipe and clean those dirty gadgets once a week. If once a week is not possible try starting to do it atleast once a month.


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